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Computer Science Hons

The department of Computer Science of our college was established in the year 1999 and the College is affiliated to University Of Calcutta. The department provides professional course like Bachelors of Science (Hons) in Computer Science, Bachelors of Science (major) in Computer application and Bachelor of Science (General) in computer Science. The course offered by the department is according to the syllabus prescribed by the University. College administration did its best to organize funds for infrastructural development and purchase of equipments for the laboratories. The department was started with a single software and hardware laboratory. Computers with CPU based on Intel MMX technology, were among the first to be introduced in the early months of year 2000. Licensed softwares like Windows 95, 98 along with few developmental types of software were purchased for imparting computer practical education to the students. In the subsequent days teacher recruitment process was undertaken and two faculty members were assigned to the department. Proper planning and tireless efforts of the faculty members laid the foundation stone of the department. Prof. Sudipta Biswas and Prof. Debashish Mahapatra were the two faculty members who were recruited initially. Subsequently more teachers were recruited in the department. The recruitment process was carried out by proper interviews under the supervision of subject experts nominated by the University of Calcutta. The department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal had sanctioned two permanent teaching posts for the department in the year 2007. The permanent teaching posts are filled by the candidates recommended by the West Bengal College Service Commission. In the year 2008, one of the sanctioned posts was filled by a candidate duly recommended by the commission. The other sanctioned post is still vacant. Four faculty members who were recruited by the college administration were regularized by the government of west Bengal as Contractual whole time teacher (CWTT) in the year 2012.

Students belonging to different parts of our state, country seek admission to the course offered by our department. We have always extended our cooperation to the weaker students and we are very proud to announce that most the weak students have graduated from the department with flying colours. Most of the graduated students have also completed post graduation and were subsequently absorbed in different institutions as teachers and software or hardware engineers in industries.

We had started upgrading all the computers of our department to meet the day to day challenges in the field of computing, changing scenario in Computer Science and Technology. The department is now equipped with 21 desktop computers with processors based on Intel Dual Core technology, significant large sized memory and Storage device. Old CRT monitors have been replaced with LCD monitors. Replacement of old CRT monitors with star or energy saving LCD monitors have reduced power consumption. All the laboratories are equipped with Air conditioners. We are trying to replace most of our equipments with star rated devices to comply with energy saving standards. Most of the computers are backed by individual standalone uninterrupted power supply. In future we would try to implement solar backed online Single Uninterrupted power supply systems. This could reduce the overhead on the power consumption. Greener power would be our main motto in future.

All the faculty members of the department are young and energetic with all the necessary qualifications along with good academic record. Faculty members are very serious about self up gradation. To enrich the knowledge base faculty members attend workshop, conferences, orientation and refresher course organized by different institutions and Universities on regular basis.

Department is also equipped with small departmental library, where teachers are authorized to distribute books to the students on regular basis. Teachers have taken the initiative to distribute the library books among the students as the teachers have a very good know how about the contents of the books. This has also boosted the Teacher-Student interaction outside the classrooms. The department is also equipped with a Hardware Laboratory, where students are given practical lessons on Analog electronics, Digital electronics, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers. Students from our department undertake different projects in field of Computer Science and Electronics. Some of the noticeable projects were based on Robotics and Mechatronics. The topics for project are basically research oriented problems. Few of our graduated students have worked on such topics under the supervision of department faculty members. Department initiates several career oriented seminar classes to give students an overview about the future scope in the field related to Computer Science and Electronics and also various opening in industry. Our main emphasis is on giving them encouragement regarding research and development apart from Industrial jobs. Our country is in need of bright and energetic students as research scholars. Only good research and development can develop a successful nation. We must not only maintain our systems but also try to invent newer ways to solve problems related to environment, management of natural resources, extracting newer ways to improve heath condition of human beings, newer techniques in field of computer Science and Electronics, improvements in the medical instrumentations and introduction of technology in medicinal sciences. Our department has progressed in slow and steady manner. Student from our department have ranked in University examinations. Few of our students have joined prestigious institutions and universities like Jadavpur University, Calcutta University, and Technical Colleges under the University Of Technology (UTECH) to pursue their Post Graduation in Computer Science, Electronics.  

To nurture the delicate career and to introduce research interests among the students we often try to follow the famous quotation by Einstein, "Imagination is more important than knowledge". We cannot teach students anything but it should be our target to help the students to discover it in himself. Thus, we try to impart education to enhance their knowledge as it is the investment with best interests.


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1. Software Lab - There are two Software labs each consisting 20 Desktop High End Computers. Both the Software laboratories are fully airconditioned. The Laboratories are also equipped with LCD/DLP Projectors.

2. Hardware Lab - This lab is fully equipped with Hardware instruments, like Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO), Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO), Digitally Controlled Function Generator, Microprocessor 8085 Kits, multipurpose Power Supply, Digital Multimeters, Bread Boards, Digital and Linear Integrated Circuits.

3. Special Projects:-

a) Mobile Controlled Autonomous Ground Vehicle.

b) Microprocessor Controlled Heating Station/Temperature Controllers.

c)  Microprocessor (8085) Controlled Digital Display System (LED).

d) Computer Controlled Digital LED Display Clock.

e) Traffic Control Using Microprocessor 8085.

Faculty Directory

Photo Name Qualification Designation Email
Faculty Prof. Tanmoy Biswas ME in IT, UGC (NET), M.Sc Assistant Professor, Head
Faculty Prof. Sudipta Biswas M.Tech in Computer Science, Mphil Contractual Whole Time Teacher (CWTT, Govt. Approved)
Faculty Prof. Alok Haldar M.Tech in Computer Science, UGC (NET), MCA Contractual Whole Time Teacher (CWTT, Govt. Approved)
Faculty Prof. Debashis Mahapatra M.Sc in IT Contractual Whole Time Teacher
Faculty Prof. Shyam Kishore Mondal M.Tech in Computer Science, GATE qualified Contractual Whole Time Teacher
Faculty Prof. Mriganko Chakraborty M.Tech in Computer SCience Contractual Whole Time Teacher
Faculty Aparna Kisku Hansda M.Sc., M.Tech, Assistant Professor

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