Affiliated to University of Calcutta | NAAC Acrediated "B"
Main: 92, SP Mukherjee Road & Annex: 5B, R Dasgupta Road, Kolkata 700-026

About College

Syamaprasad College, founded by Dr. Syamaprasad Mukherjee, came into existence in the city immediately after the end of World War II in 1945. It was then styled as Asutosh College of Commerce (evening section). So this college has its genesis in Asutosh College and has primarily been designed to meet the growing demand for higher education in Commerce among the employed youth. This Evening Section was delinked from Asutosh College and acquired the status of a full-fledged independent college in 1958 with a separate Principal and separate management (i.e. Governing Body) under instruction from University Grants Commission and with the approval & affiliation of University of Calcutta. After the immature demise of Dr. Mukherjee, the ex-Vice Chancellor, Calcutta University resolved to perpetuate the memory of Dr. Mukherjee by renaming the college founded by him as “SYAMAPRASAD COLLEGE” in 1962.


It received permission of the University to teach Honours Courses in Accountancy and in Secretarial Practice in Commerce; and in Bengali and in English in Arts. Within a short time the college became a premier centre of excellence in Commerce Education. The college has the dream to start professional courses of education in Taxation, Company Secretaryship, Management, foreign languages etc. in near future.


Housed as it is in the very same building of the Asutosh Memorial Institute at 92, Syamaprasad Mukherjee Road, Calcutta – 26, as Asutosh College and Jogomaya Devi College, Syamaprasad College stands in much the same relation to the Asutosh Memorial Institute as the other two colleges. The college has already built the Annexe Building (temporary in nature) on its own plot of land at 5B, Rajeswar Dasgupta Road, Calcutta – 26. In 1998 the college started its Science Faculty in B.Sc (Computer Science Hons.), B.Sc (Electronics Hons.), B.Sc (Computer Application – Major) in the Annexe Building during day hours and B.Sc (Geography Hons.) on semi-day basis.


The college is named after Dr. Syamaprasad, the most distinguished of the sons of Sir Asotosh. Syamaprasad had in him certain qualities rerely found in the idols of Indian politics, qualities like honesty, patriotism, deep sense of commitment, uprightness, courge and outspokenness. The name of the college is a tribute paid to these qualities in the man.


Important land mark years are:


1945 Asutosh College of Commerce (Evening Section) – a part of Asutosh College
1958 Asutosh College of Commerce – a separate College (Evening)
1962 Syamaprasad College (Evening)
1998 Syamaprasad College (Day Section for Science)
1998 Syamaprasad Institute of Advanced Education (SIAE) – A Registered Society – brainchild


The Institution is a co-education college and is open to students of all communities. Now it is a full fledged college having B.Com (Hons in A/F & Mkt.), B.Com, General; B.A. (Hons. in English, Bengali, Education) and ; B.Sc (Hons in Computer, Electronics, Geography, Economics) and B.Sc. Major in Computer Application. The aim of the college is to provide students with good, systematic education in Humanities, Science & Commerce in an atmosphere of trust, understanding and sympathy, based on close personal association of teachers and students. This college has positive attitude to make some social contributions by serving the students of weaker sections of the society.