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Research Publication

Faculty of Commerce

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1     View

Faculty of Science

Department of Computer Science

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1 Cell Phone Operated Land Rover a Novel Approach 2320 – 5121 November 2013 View
2 Optical detection in Biochips: A fuzzy-based detection analyzer for homogeneous samples in DMFBs 978-1-4799-3669-4 June 2014 View
3 Decision-based Biochips: A novel design for concurrent execution of networked bioassays integrated in scalable DMFBs 978-1-4673-7495-8 24 September 2015 View
4 Active mobile device detecting technique for restricted or prohibited areas. 2278-1501 March 2017 View
4 Heterojunction Devices And Its Application In
Field Of Electronics
2348 – 7968 August 2017 View
5 SMS Controlled Unmanned Ground Vehicle 2347-2693 Dec 2018 View
6 Bio-inspired Routing in DMFB: An Artificial Swarm Propagation Based Application IAIT 2020 July 2020 View
7 Emotionally Intelligent Algorithms Dealing Some Practical Combinatoria Problems 2229 – 5046 August 2020 View
8 Identifying Micro-Containment Zone In A Infected
Community For Partial Lockdown An Emotionally
Intelligent Combinatorial Algorithm
2455-6211 September 2021 View
9 A Novel Combinatorial Algorithm towards the TSP 2349-6002 April 2022 View

Department of Mathematics

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1 Existence and convergence results for the system of generalized mixed variational-like inequalities with multi-valued mappings” by M Rahaman, WA Mir, J Iqbal, R Ahmad, and M-M Wong ONLINE ISSN 1880-5221 View
2 Cayley inclusion problem with its corresponding generalized resolvent equation problem in uniformly smooth Banach spaces” by R Ahmad, I Ali, M Rahaman, M Ishtyak, and JC Yao. Link:   View
3 Convergence analysis and stability of perturbed three-step iterative algorithm for generalized mixed ordered quasi-variational inclusion involving XOR operator” by I Ahmad, M Rahaman, R Ahmad, I Ali   View
4 The Yosida approximation iterative technique for split monotone Yosida variational inclusions” by M Rahaman, M Ishtyak, R Ahmad, and I Ali.   View
5 Generalized nonsmooth exponential-type vector variational-like inequalities and nonsmooth vector optimization problems in Asplund spaces” by SS Irfan, M Rahaman, I Ahmad, R Ahmad, and S Husain.   View
6 Existence results of the system of generalized variational inequalities with multi-valued mappings” by M Rahaman, P Gupta, J Iqbal, and R Ahmad.   View
7 Auxiliary principle technique and iterative algorithm for a perturbed system of generalized multi-valued mixed quasi-equilibrium-like problems” by M Rahaman, CT Pang, M Ishtyak, and R Ahmad.   View
8 Relaxed η-proximal Operator for Solving a Variational-Like Inclusion Problem” by M Rahaman, R Ahmad, M Dilshad, and I Ahmad.   View
9 Generalized vector complementarity problem with fuzzy mappings” A Kılıçman, R Ahmad and M Rahaman.   View
10 Generalized strongly vector equilibrium problem for set-valued mappings” by R Ahmad and M Rahaman   View

Department of Electronics

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1 Effects of an ultrathin Si passivation layer on the interfacial properties of RF-sputtered HfYOx on n-GaAs substrates. 2009 View
2 Characterization of Y2O3 gate dielectric on n-GaAs substrates 2010 View/Download
3 “Improved electrical and interfacial properties of RFsputtered HfAlOx on n-GaAs with effective Si passivation 2010 View
4 Charge trapping and reliability characteristics of ultra-thin HfYOx films on n-GaAs substrates & 2010 View
5 “Influence of Post Deposition Annealing on Y2O3-Gated GaAs MOS Capacitors and its Reliability Issues & 2011 View
6 Investigation of charge trapping and breakdown characteristics of sputtered-Y2O3 on n-GaAs substrates & 2011 View
7 “Investigations on electrical characteristics and reliability properties of MOS capacitors using HfAlOx on n-GaAs substrates & 2012 View
8 Interface Properties, Physical and Electrical Characterization of Sputtered-TaAlOx on Silicon Passivated n-GaAs Substrates & 2012 View
9 Effect of Ge interface control layer on the interfacial and electrical properties of TaYOx thin films on GaAs substrates & 2016 View

Department of Physics

S.No Title of Research Article Year of Publication Link
1 An efficient pair natural orbital based configuration interaction scheme for the calculation of open-shell ionization potentials, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2018 | Journal article
DOI: 10.1063/1.5048688
2018 View
2 Unitary Group Adapted State-Specific Multireference Perturbation Theory: Formulation and Pilot Applications Journal of Computational Chemistry 2015, Journal article, DOI: 10.1002/jcc.23851 2015 View
3 SeD radical as a probe for the measurement of the time variation of the fine-structure constant a and proton-to-electron mass ratio mu, Physical Review a 2014, Journal article, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.90.012509 2014 View
4 Radium ion: a candidate for measuring atomic parity violation, Hyperfine Interactions 2010, Journal article, DOI: 10.1007/s10751-010-0169-4 2010 View

Department of Economics

S.No Title of Research Article Year of Publication Link
1 Misra Jaydev and Mallick Priyadarshini (2020): “Managing Wastewater using Plastic-eating Bacteria – A Sustainable Solution for Sewage fed Fisheries”, Journal of Indian Chemical Society, vol 97, SATEM-2019 Special Issue, pp 1-7. 2019 View
2 Jaydev Misra and Sibranjan Misra (2014): “Technical Efficiency in Fish Production in West Bengal”, Agricultural Economics Research Review, Vol. 27 (no 2), pp 221-232, DOI: 10.5958/0974-0279.2014.00026.3 2014 View
3 Jaydev Misra (2012): “Regional Variations in Technical Efficiency of Pond Fish Production in West Bengal”, Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics and Management, ISBN – 2250-1673. 2014 View
4 Mallick Priyadarshini and Misra Jaydev (2020): “Degradation of Plastic Causing Pollution using Bacteria for Improvement of Freshwater Fish Cultivation” In Om Prakash Sharma (ed) Sustainability in Environmental Engineering and Science, Springer, New Delhi. Link: 2020 View
5 Misra Jaydev and Mallick Priyadarshini (2019): “Inequalities of Hunger in India – Evidence from Secondary Data” In Pranab Kumar Chattopadhyay and Daya Shankar Khushwaha (ed) Approaches to Sustainable Development, New Delhi Publishers, New Delhi, Misra Jaydev and Mallick Priyadarshini (2019): “Inequalities of Hunger in India – Evidence from Secondary Data” In Pranab Kumar Chattopadhyay and Daya Shankar Khushwaha (ed) Approaches to Sustainable Development, New Delhi Publishers, New Delhi, pp 9-20. 2019 View
6 Misra Sib Ranjan, Misra Jaydev(2009): “Towards Social Security Systems in Japan Lessons for India”. Reitaku International Journal of Economic Studies Vol 17, No – 2, September 2009. 2009 View

Faculty of Arts

Department of History

S.No Title of Research Article Year of Publication Link
1 Bengali Revolutionaries in Burma 1923-33
2 Admission a Rejection: A Snapshot from 1897   View
3 Women In The Medical Profession: In the USA   View
4 Entry of Women in Medical Profession: A Case Study of Kadambini Ganguly, Fourth Indian Association for Asia & Pacific Studies, August 22-24, 2008 Fourth Biennial International Conference   View
5 Maharani Swarnamoyee Devi of Cossimbazar (1837-97): An Early Feminist and an Icon for Asian Women, in the Ninth Biennial Conference of Indian Association for Asia & Pacific Studies 1-2 November 2018   View
The Memories of Dr. Haimabati Sen: Revisited, in History Through Reminiscences: Diaries, Memoirs & Oral History, UGC sponsored National Level Seminar Volume, Lady Brabourne College, Department of History, July 2014
7 Role Conflict of Patriarchy in Colonial Bengal: Negotiations in Gender History in 1883& 1887 in Asian Studies, vol, XXXVI, January 2018-December 2018, Edited by Sarvani Gooptu, Netaji Institute of Asian Studies   View
8 Haimabati Sen: Annals of a Fettered Life in Pritha Chatterjee edited, Through the Gender Lens, Essays in Feminist Theory& Praxis, R.B.Enterprises, Kolkata, 2018   View
9 Dora Chatterjee: Ek Ochena Mahila Daktar er Anusandhan in Maheshweta Mukhopadhyay and Aparna Bandopadhyay edited, Nahi Samanya Nari, Itihashe, Samaje O Chintai, Kolkata: Setu Prakashani, 2018   View
10 Locating the Bengali Revolutionaries in Burma (1923-33): As Reflected in the History and Culture of the Wider Migratory Culture of Bay of Bengal, in Suranjan Das and Anita Sen Gupta edited, Continuity, Connectivity and Access, The Importance of the Bay Region in Indian Foreign Policy, ew Delhi, K.W. Publishers Pvt Limited, 2022 y   View


Department of Bengali

S.No Title of Research Article Year of Publication Link
1 Bangla Sahitye Sundarban(Paper Published in Journal with ISSN:2249-4782)   View
2 Jhansir Rani : Rani Margeu Na Houni (Paper Published in Journal with ISSN:2249-4782)   View
3 Chaturanger Chitrakalpo : Jal-Mati-Aguner Upakhyan(Chapter in Books)   View
4 Kankabati:Rupkathaa Nay se Nay (Chapter in Books)   View
5 Muktadharar Dhananjay Bairagi:Ek Pratibadi Charitra (Chapter in Books)   View
6 Baishnab Padabalite Samajchitra (Chapter in Books)   View
7 Al Mahamuder ‘Rabindranath: Manabik Astitwabader Kabita(Chapter in Books)   View
8 Bartaman Bharat: Vivekanander Bharat Sandhan(Chapter in Books)   View
9 Byomkesh Kahinir Desh-Kal-Patabhumi(Chapter in Books)   View
10 Sundarban O Bangla Sahitya(Book Published with ISBN:978-81-931913-0-9)   View
11 Charitartha Jibaner Bani(Edited)(Book Published with ISBN:978-93-80755-11-3)   View
12 Unish Shatak: Phire Dekha(Edited)(Book Published with ISBN:978-93-81170-78-6)   View
13 Swadhinota Uttar Bangla Kothasahitya : Santalder Loray o Rajniti   View
14 Swadhinota Uttar Bangla Kothasahitya : Santal o Jownyota   View
15 Swadhinota Uttar Bangla Kothasahitya : Santal Noronari Somparke Sangghat Alekhya   View
16 Rajniti o Premer Dhondwo prasango Trinobhumi   View


Department of Philosophy

S.No Title of Research Article ISSN/ISBN No Link
1 Can Terrorism be Morally Justified ? – An Ethico-Philosophical Analysis. Pub: February 2015, Bahumatrik. ISSN: 2278-9812 View


Department of English

S.No Title of Research Article ISSN/ISBN No Link
1 “Ecological Implications of Folk-belief in Water in Synge’s ‘Riders to the Sea’ and ‘The Well of the Saints'”, IJELLH, Vol 6, Issue 3, March, 2018, (Hard Copy: Page no.-190-202) 2321-7065 View
2 “Re-reading Folklore: An Eco-critical Perspective”, IJELLH, Vol 6, Issue 4, April, 2018, (Hard Copy: Page no.- 108-124) ISSN: 2321-7065 View
3 “Conservation of Environment through Folkloric Beliefs and Practices”, published in A knowledge based volume on Environmental Issues: Approaches and Practices, (Page no.-85-93) 978-81-939266-1-1 View



S.No Title of Research Article ISSN/ISBN No Link
1 (Chapter )Title of article: Online Education in India during COVID-19: a discussion/ Dr.Sourav Chatterjee Book Title: COVID-19 and its impact in India, D.O.P- May, 2021 Publisher- Chandidas Mahavidyalaya 978-81-952787-4-9 View
2 (Chapter) Title of article: Role of Library as Learning Resource Centre (LRC)/Dr. Sourav Chatterjee. Book Title: ICT and Library in Higher Education: an Indian Perspective, -25-2, Y.O.P- 2020, Publisher- Chandidas Mahavidyalaya 978-93-89208 View
3 Title: Users’ Satisfaction with Library facilities and services in Government B.Ed. College Libraries in West Bengal: a survey/ Dr. Sourav Chatterjee; Journal Name- College Libraries; Publisher: West Bengal College Librarians’ Association (WBCLA) , Vol 35, No.4, Dec. 2020. 0972-1975 View
4 Title: Functioning of B.Ed. College libraries as Learning resource Centre (LRC) under North Bengal University: a study/ Sourav Chatterjee; Journal Name: College Libraries; ; Vol.- 33, No.- I-II, March and June, 2018, Publisher: WBCLA ISSN- 0972-1975 View
5 (Chapter) Title: Mobile Information Services in Library: a new approach/ Sourav Chatterjee and Animesh Bhattacharyya, Book Title: Best Practices in Scholarly Communication and Library Services, D.O.P- 2017, Publisher- Department of Library and Information Science, Rabindra Bharathi University, ISBN- 978-81-930524-1-9 View
6 (Chapter) Title: Prospects of Modern College Library: a discussion/ Sourav Chatterjee; Title of Book- The Role of the Library and Information System in College Education, D.O.P- August, 2017, Pub: Sovarani Memorial College ISBN- 978-93-5279-340-2 View
7 Title: Marketing of Library Services/ Animesh Bhattacharyya and Sourav Chatterjee; Journal- College Libraries; Publisher- WBCLA; Vol.-32, No. I-II, 2017 ISSN-0972-1975 View
8 Title- Need of User Empowerment through IT in Academic Libraries/ Sourav Chatterjee; Journal- College Libraries, Pub- WBCLA, Vol. 31, No. I-II, 2016 ISSN- 0972-1975 View
9 (Chapter) Title: Mobile Learning: a new concept of education/ Sourav Chatterjee and Abhijit Mukhopadhyay; Book Title: Sustainability of Library and Information Services; Pub: Department of Library and Information Science , University of Calcutta; D.O.P- January, 2016; ISBN- 978-81-925313-7-3 View
10 Title: Community Radio: a new concept in India/ Animesh Bhattacharyya and Sourav Chatterjee; Journal- College Libraries, Pub: WBCLA, Vol.30, No. I-II, 2015 ISSN- 0972-1975 View